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Last comments:
  • guest
  • the LANES - Scarlet Chapeau  (2 weeks ago)

    Kiki Lane with some info: This song I wrote Scarlet Chapeau is available on the International Pop Overthrow Volume 10 released about 2009. It is a series of Power Pop compilations on the Not Lame label. Very highly recommended! I wrote it about an old boss a while back! My husband Mike Lane plays guitar on this track, I play rhythm guitar ( trusty 1966 Rickenbacker!!) Kris Bowring on Bass, Jenny Russ on backing vocals ( along with Mike), and the most excellent drumming of David J Russ!!
  • guest
  • Evie - Praise The Lord, He Never Changes  (2 month ago)

    This is my go to song, when I feel that people are leaving my life, falling away. I know I will always have Jesus. He will never leave me. Praise the Lord!
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