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Rihanna (61 plays)
Spacer (33 plays)
Bruno Majcherek
Bruno Majcherek (31 plays)
Kilt (28 plays)
MC L (26 plays)

Tool (26 plays)
Paula Comeau
Paula Comeau (25 plays)
The Script
The Script (23 plays)

Stepheadedredchild (19 plays)
Steven Delopoulos
Steven Delopoulos (19 plays)
ABBA (19 plays)
Lilleman (19 plays)
Ron Geesin
Ron Geesin (18 plays)
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Last comments:
  • guest
  • The Woodbox Gang - Savage Weiner Dogs  (1 month ago)

    I can listen and share music from much bigger bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd for free. Used to be able to do it with your music too. Have y'all become that arrogant that you think above all that? I'm done with you.
  • guest
  • Edie Brickell - Cool Guy  (3 month ago)

    The lyrics here I just transcribed by listening to the song, they are not the offical lyrics, and I do not garuntee that they are all correct
  • guest
  • Rivertown - Leaving  (3 month ago)

    Absolutely love this song. Can play it over and over & never tire of it. Who are you!? More please
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