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Last comments:
  • guest
  • Edie Brickell - Cool Guy  (1 month ago)

    The lyrics here I just transcribed by listening to the song, they are not the offical lyrics, and I do not garuntee that they are all correct
  • guest
  • Rivertown - Leaving  (1 month ago)

    Absolutely love this song. Can play it over and over & never tire of it. Who are you!? More please
  • guest
  • Leslie Fish - Live and Let Live  (1 month ago)

    Song - F.A.P. (Mercedes Lackey/ Leslie Fish)
    Album - Magic, Moondust, & Melancholy
    Year - 1989
  • guest
  • Leslie Fish - Live and Let Live  (1 month ago)

    this is not Live 7 Let Live- which is a protest song written during the Free Speech movement- and recorded in 1991 by Firebird recordings. It is Feline American Princess from Magic, Moondust & Magic, a collaboration with Mercedes Lackey 1989.
  • guest
  • Bruce Broughton - A Family  (1 month ago)

    "In your eyes" singing by B.Broughton en la película de 1993 "For love or money" con Michael Fox. Ayer la escuché. Hoy no la encuentro.
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