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  • guest
  • Native Flute Ensemble - Summoning Winds  (10 month ago)

    Summoning Winds is my favorite in all time, by Native Flute Ensemble. I would like more information on the writer? and copy rights? Can anyone advise?
  • guest
  • The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet - Only One Step More  (10 month ago)

    I have known a life of sorrow
    I have bore a heavy load
    I have saw a bright tomorrow
    Thou I’ve walked the rocky road
    But my burdens will be lighter
    And my cares will be o’er
    Soon my journey will be ended
    For it’s only one step more

    One step more from Earth to Heaven
    Where our cares will all be o’er
    To that land where crowns are given
    For it’s only one step more

    Through my life he’ll surely guide me
    I've no need to doubt it fear
    For each step he walks beside me
    And my call for him will hear
    All the way my load grows lighter
    And I'll tell it more and more
    Heavens lights for me shines brighter
    For it’s only one step more
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    The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet Only One Step More lyrics added on 11th Jul 2012
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