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11 Друга Ріка (Druha Rika - "Second River" in Ukranian) is a a Ukranian rock band that was created in 1996 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine. They won the "Maybutne Ukrayiny" musical contest and then created their first album called "Я є" (I exist) and became well-known in Ukraine.

Current Members:

Valery Harchishin - vocalism, trumpet
Oleksandr "Korrado" Baranovsky - guitar
Victor Skuratovsky - bass guitar
Oleksiy Doroshenko - percussion
Serhiy "Shura" Hera - synthesizers
Serhiy "Belik" Belichenko - guitar

Their works:
2000 — Я є (I exist)
2003 — Два (Two)
2005 — Рекорди (Records)
2008 — Мода (Fashion)

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