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Anne Lilia Berge Strand (born November 21, 1977 in Trondheim, Norway), better known by her stage name Annie, is a pop artist and DJ from Bergen, Norway.

Her debut album, Anniemal, was released in 2004 (the name originally an idea of her late boyfriend Tore). Annie worked again with Timo Kaukolampi, as well as fellow Norwegians Röyksopp and Richard X, who made a return to produ
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  • jane wrote: 3 years ago

    quality pop music
  • Milka wrote: 4 years ago

    Don't Stop is better than Anniemal. Though i love them both.
  • Gagarin wrote: 4 years ago

    Doing more disco stuff for next album please.
  • Milka wrote: 4 years ago

    Marie Cherie♥
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