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Black Sabbath is an English heavy metal band formed in 1968 in Birmingham, originally comprising Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass), and Bill Ward (drums). In the early ’70s they were the first to pair heavily distorted, sonically dissonant blues-rock at slow speeds with lyrics about drugs, mental pain and abominations of war, thus giving birth to generations upon ... Read more 

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  • nadya wrote: 3 years ago

    Geezer Butler is the fucking best in te fucking world.
  • Baby_Baboon wrote: 3 years ago

    "The Kinks suck, The Beatles were a million times better." Oh, shut the fuck up.
  • Carol wrote: 3 years ago

    Early Black Sabbath shits all over everything. I don't know why this even needs to be discussed.
  • Milka wrote: 3 years ago

    The Rolling Stones >>>>>>> Jerry Springer.
  • c wrote: 3 years ago

  • jane wrote: 3 years ago

    @topresaged,um yes
  • Milka wrote: 4 years ago

    My high pitched voice > Your high pitched voices. LOL
  • missfallover wrote: 4 years ago

    I don't know why this band is so popular...
  • musya wrote: 4 years ago

    Maybe because they are one of the bands essential for creating the metal genre.

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