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Best known for Soul/Funk tracks like Tell Me Something Good and Sweet Thing as lead singer of the band Rufus. She later had solo success in the 80s, like with her 1984 cover of Prince's I Feel for You R&B singer Chaka Khan (xttp://www.myspace.com/OfficialChakaKhan) enjoyed solo success as well as popularity as a member of the group Rufus.

Born Yvette Marie Stevens in Great Lakes
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  • nadya wrote: 4 years ago

    she's the FIRE! [3]
  • Milka wrote: 3 years ago

    I Feel for You [3]
  • [email protected] wrote: 3 years ago

    ♥ C ♥ H ♥ A ♥ K ♥ A ♥ ♥ ♥ K ♥ H ♥ A ♥ N ♥
  • Stefani wrote: 3 years ago

    the best singer in this world, I have listen 2 she is the shit you go gurl!!!
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