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Dadafon is a norwegian band. Before Dadafon came to light they were called “Coloured Moods”. The band was formed in 1995 by drummer Martin Smidt and included Kristin Asbjønsen, Carl Haakon Waadeland, Jostein Ansnes and Bjørn Ole Solberg. The band gathered elements from African music. In general it was Smidts own transcripts from Ghana. The album “Coloured Moods” was released in 1998. Rhy... Read more 

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  • jane wrote: 4 years ago

    so is a 'slow day' a Bukowski poem?
  • jane wrote: 4 years ago

    I Wish to Weep: The Best. [2]
  • musya wrote: 3 years ago

    "so is a 'slow day' a Bukowski poem?"

    I really don't think so.
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