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Born in 1974 in São Paulo Brazil,Gui Boratto - architect, musician, composer and producer - began his career in the advertising sector in 1993. From 1994 until 2004 his work appeared on both national and international record labels, including EMI, Virgin, Irma, BMG, Edel, Vidisco, and ZYX. Over these 10 years he worked with artists such as Pato Banton, Garth Brooks, Steel Pulse, Desiree, Manu Ch... Read more 

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  • sofia wrote: 4 years ago

    Gui Boratto played a wonderfull set @ awakenings 2010...keep it up
    love you're music men!!!

  • samogon wrote: 3 years ago

    wonderful at awakenings 2010! :|
  • musya wrote: 3 years ago

    love love love this music
  • jane wrote: 4 years ago

    The best mnml!
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