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  • missfallover wrote: 4 years ago

    he's a great singer , love it al...............
  • naposedon wrote: 3 years ago

    i wish you a merry christmas!
  • evelyn oxley (guest) wrote: 3 years ago

    can you give me your number if you can't geet me text me thank you then i will call you
  • evelyn oxley (guest) wrote: 3 years ago

    my nuber is 5737126392 this is a cell phone this is evelyn call me when you see this don't stop trying tell you get a hold of me
  • evelyn oxley (guest) wrote: 3 years ago

    guten abend i lisen to your music all the time and i think you are a wonderful singer an hope you come to america soon to perform your music her
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