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Ingrid Michaelson is an American singer-songwriter.

New York-based Michaelson's parents were both artists (composer Carl Michaelson and sculptor Elizabeth Egbert Director). She took up piano at the age of five, attending Manhattan's Third Street Music School for two years, going on to the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island's Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute. There she met v
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  • Hanlin wrote: 3 years ago

    Everybody is great <33
  • musya wrote: 3 years ago

    I'm in love with her ♥.♥
  • sofia wrote: 3 years ago

    she has so many songs that are really good. so underplayed!
  • bigbbs wrote: 4 years ago

    Italyyy pleaseeee :'(
  • olesianka wrote: 4 years ago

    Ella es algo así como JackJohnson en mujer, me encanta el estilo de esta mujer!!!! <3 Ingrid!!!
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