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Joe "Satch" Satriani (born on July 15, 1956, in Westbury, New York and brought up in Carle Place, New York, USA) is an instrumental rock guitarist and teacher, and a recognized virtuoso of the rock guitar. Guitarists Alex Skolnick, Larry Lalonde, Steve Vai, Charlie Hunter and Kirk Hammett were among his students. Satriani often tours as the guitar playing trio G3, usually with Steve Vai.... Read more 

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  • Hanlin wrote: 4 years ago

    что мало дискографии ? можно слушать и слушать
  • Cassell wrote: 4 years ago

    Блин, новый альбом? Это же охрененно!!
  • jane wrote: 3 years ago

    one question: Satriani gave guitar classes to Slash?! If someone can answer it...
  • Ryan wrote: 3 years ago

    Satriani is Vin Diesel with a guitar.
  • Carol wrote: 4 years ago

    Oriental Melody <3

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