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Manu Dibango (Emmanuel N'Djoké Dibango, born December 12, 1933 in Douala, Cameroon) is a Cameroonian saxophonist and vibraphone player. Leaving Cameroon to France to study, he got to study music where he enrolled for piano lessons. Though a piano student, Manu fell inlove with his friend and classmates instrument, the saxophone. Not having a keyboard at home to rehearse his music lessons, he spen... Read more 

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  • jane wrote: 3 years ago

    definitely a legend [2]
  • olesianka wrote: 3 years ago

    el manso carrete la otra vez, gracias Manu
  • jane wrote: 4 years ago

    definitely a legend [3]
  • olesianka wrote: 4 years ago

    He is a great musicians, the best in the world I think
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