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Mike Oldfield (born Michael Gordon Oldfield, 15 May 1953, Reading, Berkshire, England) is largely known for Tubular Bells, his groundbreaking album from 1973, the success of which also bankrolled Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Records, for which Tubular Bells was the inaugural release. However, his musical career has continued for over three decades encompassing a range of styles, with varying amoun... Read more 

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  • Milka wrote: 4 years ago

    moonlight shadow great tune!
  • olesianka wrote: 4 years ago

    Tubular Bells > Amarok > Ommadawn > Hergest Ridge
  • Cassell wrote: 3 years ago

    tubular bells>ou=hergest ridge-ommadawn=incantations=amarok=tubuar bells iii
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