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Shinedown is a Southern Hard Rock band that originated in Jacksonville, Florida. Shinedown was formed in early 2002 by Brent Smith, Jasin Todd, Brad Stewart, and Barry Kerch. They were signed by Atlantic Records.

On July 13, 2003, the band released their debut album Leave a Whisper. The album sold the popular singles "Fly From the Inside" and "45". Leave A Whispe
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  • nadya wrote: 4 years ago

    DIAMOND EYES <3 [2]
  • Baby_Baboon wrote: 3 years ago

    DIAMOND EYES <3 [4]
    The Crow & The Butterfly is perfect! <3
  • samogon wrote: 3 years ago

    Diamond Eyes and Son of Sam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Baby_Baboon wrote: 4 years ago

    ...I never thought you would slip away. I guess I was just a little too late.♪♪♪
  • Baby_Baboon wrote: 4 years ago

    diamond fu**** eyes...song of the year...
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