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Snow Patrol are an alternative rock band which formed in Dundee, Scotland in 1994 and currently based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, where most of the band members are from. They consist of Gary Lightbody (vocals, guitar), Nathan Connolly (guitar, vocals), Paul Wilson (bass), Tom Simpson (keyboards) and Johnny Quinn (drums). Lightbody and Quinn are the only original members who remain in the band. <... Read more 

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  • Stefani wrote: 4 years ago

    You Could Be Happy (L)
  • Friedman wrote: 4 years ago

    give me a chance to hold on. so clear now
  • Stefani wrote: 4 years ago

    I love this band so fucking much.
  • samogon wrote: 3 years ago

    Thank you for Chasing Cars.
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