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Steven Curtis Chapman (born November 21, 1962 in Paducah, Kentucky) is one of the most influential singer/songwriters in contemporary Christian music. He was first signed on to a songwriting deal in the early 1980s, based upon the strength of his song "Built To Last" which was recorded by popular gospel group The Imperials. Shortly after, he signed a record deal with Sparrow Records, whe... Read more 

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  • NobodyPerfect wrote: 4 years ago

    pozdrowienia dla fanów Stevena Curtis Chapmana
  • musya wrote: 4 years ago

    He's been putting out albums almost every year since the 80s. An amazing man, amazing music.
  • Friedman wrote: 4 years ago

    I can't believe Live Out Loud isn't higher up. It's such an inspirational song.
  • Carol wrote: 3 years ago

    god bless steven...... cinderella beautiful
  • Friedman wrote: 3 years ago

    just heard cindarela, what an amazing sng!!
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