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Funky house produced by Kenny "Dope". The Bucketheads project became legendary with the immensely popular house anthem The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind). The impact that this song had on any dancefloor was amazing, and still is.

The Bomb is a house track made with samples from Chicago's 'Streetplayer'. Although the cover of 'The Bomb' has (These Sounds Fall Into M
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  • Hanlin wrote: 4 years ago

    The Bomb! is pure magic!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • sofia wrote: 4 years ago

    Spotify should get their shit together and fix some tags.
  • bigbbs wrote: 4 years ago

    I love Roam L's remix
  • olesianka wrote: 4 years ago

    Am I the only one who found Buckethead through The Bucketheads, and not the other way around?
  • musya wrote: 3 years ago

    this guy is the best guitarist there is!
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