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The Human Beinz are an American rock band from Youngstown, Ohio, originally known as The Human Beings. The original line-up featured Dick Belly (vocals, guitar), Joe Markulin (guitar), Mel Pachuta (bass) and Mike Tateman (drums).

The Beinz began their professional career with a devoted local fanbase, recording covers of songs by Them, The Yardbirds, The Who and Bob Dylan. The group
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  • [email protected] wrote: 4 years ago

    those who claim that they are a one song band listen to Dance On Through, another classic..
  • sofia wrote: 3 years ago

    I actually even prefer "Dance on through" - how come nobody listens to this song???
  • jane wrote: 4 years ago

    @xxlilifeexx, cause nobody but me is on nuggets
  • musya wrote: 3 years ago

    wonderful music
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