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The Offspring is an American punk rock band, formed in 1984 in Garden Grove, California by vocalist/rhythm guitarist <a href="/artist/Dexter+Holland">Dexter Holland</a> and bassist <a href="/artist/Greg+Kriesel">Greg Kriesel</a> under the name "Manic Subsidal", inspired by a <a href="/artist/Social+Distortion">Social Distortion&... Read more 

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  • Milka wrote: 4 years ago

    My Youth Energy :D
  • Milka wrote: 4 years ago

    come to Poland
  • Cassell wrote: 4 years ago

    The Offspring > Greenday [11] Hell yeah! )
  • tasoD0r wrote: 4 years ago

    Dexter Holland el mejor vocalista del mundo
  • Friedman wrote: 4 years ago

    Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) <3
  • olesianka wrote: 4 years ago

    Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) <3 [2]
  • lj wrote: 3 years ago

    This was like my favorite band when I was a junior in High School.
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