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The Swinging Blue Jeans are a five piece 1960s British merseybeat band, best known for their proto-rave-up hit single "Hippy Hippy Shake". Intriguingly, while "Hippy Hippy Shake" sounds rather Beatles-clone like, The Beatles did in fact do a cover version of this song for the BBC.

The beat group had a three year spell of moderate success, flying along with the al
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  • missfallover wrote: 4 years ago

    Alguém tem a letra da música nº 12 "Do you know" ?
  • sofia wrote: 3 years ago

    goodie, goodie, thanks love this.
  • Friedman wrote: 4 years ago

    Good solid 60's rock... I do like
  • Baby_Baboon wrote: 4 years ago

    hippie hippie hippie shake aaaaauuuuuhhh.
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