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Often compared to Poison, Tuff played a similar brand of catchy glam metal -- although at times much darker. They had the pretty-boy good looks that were so popular in the glam years, but just arrived too late on the scene to make much of a commercial dent.

Formed in Phoenix, Arizona, the band, which consisted of Jim Gillette (vocals), Jorge DeSaint (guitar), Todd Chase (bass) and M
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  • nadya wrote: 3 years ago

    talked to stevie rachelle once. hes awesome!
  • Gagarin wrote: 3 years ago

    I'm an SMF with the looks that kill! xD
  • Ryan wrote: 4 years ago

    I rocked and rolled, n' long hair is back!
  • jane wrote: 4 years ago

    American Hair Band ROCKS!
  • missfallover wrote: 4 years ago

    American Hair Band is one of the most rocking songs I've ever heard :D
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