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Viola is the name of three artists:

1) Viola is a finnish indie rock band that have been playing their dramatic, melancholic and bittersweet, yet hopeful pop music since the turn of the millennium. More information about Viola at their website, www.pophurts.com (xttp://www.pophurts.com) / www.violamusicclub.com (xttp://www.violamusicclub.com).

2) Viola is an italian singer, Violante Placido (she is also an actress, daughter of Michele Placido). Her music is pop-rock, taking elements by Beatles, Suzanne Vega.

3)Viola (full name Viola Sykes) is an american gospel and house music vocalist from Plainfield, New Jersey USA. She is well known for her inspirational club hit "Little Girl". More information can be found on her official MySpace Music page at www.myspace.com/violasykes (xttp://www.myspace.com/violasykes).

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