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Yanni, the popular name for Yanni Chrysomallis (born in November 14, 1954 in Kalamata, Greece), is a Greek American keyboardist and composer.

Although many fans and critics call his music "new age," Yanni himself has distanced himself from that label. In his autobiography, Yanni devotes an entire chapter to the subject, stating that he prefers to call his music "conte
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  • Carol wrote: 4 years ago

    that moustache is turning me on
  • Ryan wrote: 3 years ago

    I'm enchanted with your music! this man is a genius! :D
  • Gagarin wrote: 4 years ago

    This man fucking rocks. Moustache and all.
  • musya wrote: 4 years ago

    Love his music from the beginning to this day, I am sure he will always compose great music.
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