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Letter I
Isla Grant
Isla Grant (3005 plays)
Incubus [US alternative rock band] (1673 plays)
İbrahim Tatlıses
İbrahim Tatlıses (1469 plays)
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden [English heavy metal band] (1308 plays)
Insane Clown Posse
Insane Clown Posse (1062 plays)

India.Arie (994 plays)
Ice Cube
Ice Cube (823 plays)
INXS (784 plays)
Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop (647 plays)

Ijahman Levi
Ijahman Levi (439 plays)
I Monster
I Monster (438 plays)
Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique (372 plays)
Ian Brown
Ian Brown [UK singer, member of Stone Roses] (365 plays)
In Flames
In Flames (356 plays)

Interpol [NYC post-punk band] (351 plays)
INNA (351 plays)
İlhan İrem
İlhan İrem (329 plays)
Ini Kamoze
Ini Kamoze (314 plays)
Imogen Heap
Imogen Heap (302 plays)

Infected Mushroom
Infected Mushroom (299 plays)
IAM (294 plays)
Ivan Rebroff
Ivan Rebroff (283 plays)
Israel Vibration
Israel Vibration (276 plays)
Ivano Fossati
Ivano Fossati (261 plays)

Il Divo
Il Divo (252 plays)
Ismael Rivera
Ismael Rivera (233 plays)
Indeep (224 plays)
Isaac Hayes
Isaac Hayes (217 plays)
Irene Cara
Irene Cara (209 plays)
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