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Letter T
The Beatles
The Beatles (22101 plays)
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones (7873 plays)
The Black Eyed Peas
The Black Eyed Peas (7270 plays)
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift (6393 plays)
The Crystal Method
The Crystal Method (6304 plays)

Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace (4049 plays)
The Offspring
The Offspring (3923 plays)
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman (3506 plays)
The Killers
The Killers [American alt. rock] (3207 plays)
The Doors
The Doors (3078 plays)

The Verve
The Verve (2995 plays)
The Police
The Police (2573 plays)
The Isley Brothers
The Isley Brothers (2453 plays)
Tiësto (2430 plays)
The Cranberries
The Cranberries (2409 plays)

The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys (2318 plays)
The Cure
The Cure (2310 plays)
Train (2310 plays)
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins (2103 plays)
The Kinks
The Kinks (1990 plays)

Toni Braxton
Toni Braxton (1851 plays)
The Prodigy
The Prodigy [UK electronic group] (1829 plays)
TLC [well-known US pop RnB trio] (1821 plays)
The Chemical Brothers
The Chemical Brothers (1801 plays)
The Who
The Who [British rock band (1964-)] (1772 plays)

The Wiggles
The Wiggles (1727 plays)
The Cardigans
The Cardigans (1683 plays)
T.I. [Atlanta US rapper & producer Clifford Harris] (1666 plays)
Toto [American rock group] (1615 plays)
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