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Letter W
Wizzy Noise
Wizzy Noise (25 plays)
WINO [Japanese indie rock band] (25 plays)
Wabi Ryvola
Wabi Ryvola (24 plays)
White Flag
White Flag (24 plays)

Weldon Irvine
Weldon Irvine (24 plays)
Warren Haynes
Warren Haynes (24 plays)
Warhorse [70's hard rock group] (24 plays)
Weird Owl
Weird Owl (24 plays)

Warpaint (24 plays)
Wayne Coster
Wayne Coster (24 plays)
Whiteheart (23 plays)
Warp Brothers
Warp Brothers (23 plays)
Wolle Kriwanek
Wolle Kriwanek (23 plays)

Wild Beasts
Wild Beasts (23 plays)
Wax Mannequin
Wax Mannequin (23 plays)
We Are Scientists
We Are Scientists (23 plays)
War of Ages
War of Ages (23 plays)
Walter Lietha
Walter Lietha (23 plays)

Walter Carlos
Walter Carlos (23 plays)
Whiplash [US thrash metal band] (22 plays)
Willem Barth
Willem Barth (22 plays)

Wynonna [Wynonna Judd] (21 plays)
Wade Hayes
Wade Hayes (21 plays)
Workshy (21 plays)
Wolfgang Ziegler
Wolfgang Ziegler (21 plays)
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