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Getting Started

  1. 1. What is Listenmusicfm.net?

    Listenmusicfm.net is a music service that lets you discover new music depending on to your mood or type of activity by listening corresponding playlists or by searching artists who are similar to those that you already listen to.

    The Listenmusicfm.net website is filled with tons of information on artists, albums and tracks, more music similar to them, charts and other statistics and more.

    You can read about artists you like, check out their most popular tracks, browse their album and find out what other artists are similar to them; explore interesting genres, listen to music and watch videos.

    To get the most out of Listenmusicfm.net, sign up for a user profile – you can build up your personal user profile, create your own playlists and invite friends or talk to other users.

  2. 2. What do I get for signing up?

    When signing up with Listenmusicfm.net, you’ll get your own music profile which will be filled with all sorts of things as you keep using Listenmusicfm.net, including your personal charts.

    As soon as you start listening to music on Listenmusicfm.net and start marking those playlists and tracks which you like, they will appear in your profile.

    Why don’t you go and say hello to users who listen to your favorite playlists or artists, you can now add other users as friends, send them messages, recommend them songs and playlists or leave them comments in their Users Comments section.

  3. 3. Do I have to pay for using Listenmusicfm.net?

    Most of features on ListenMusic.fm are free with the exception of the downloading tracks and some other specific features. That is because the large number of mirrors for songs are on YouTube and there is no opportunity to download from there, that is why songs and albums can be downloaded only from those places, where it is legally allowed, for instance from Amazon.

  4. 4. Why is the icon shown instead of sometimes?

    See next question.

  5. 5. What does "search song on YouTube" () stand for?

    Unfortunately we don't have mirrors for some tracks (see next question for clarifying what mirror is) but you can help our project to collect some mirrors from YouTube. In order to accomplish this please press the button near the track

    and select (button ) the most appropriate version of the track from the offered track list. It is possible to preview the mirror ( button) and to change YouTube query.

    If you are not satisfied by the quality of the mirror you should close the window by clicking on button. After the mirror being selected the playing of the track will be available for all users, first of all for you.

    We and all users of Listenmusicfm.net will appreciate your participation.

  6. 6. What is a mirror?

    A mirror is a video of song on YouTube or a file of song in the Internet. So it can be used for playing this track.

    The list of the best mirrors for a particular song can be seen and voted for on the page of the song:

    You can also rate mirror during listing to it

  7. 7. What is "My Loved Tracks"?

    "My Loved Tracks" – is the list of your favorite songs in your profile. To add a song into this list just click on the "heart" button () near the song that you like.

    To delete a song from this list use the button .

  8. 8. What is "My Favorite Playlists"?

    "My Favorite Playlists" – is a list of your favorite playlists in your profile. To add a playlist which you like to "My Favorite Playlists" click on "add to favorites" on its page.

    Also you can see at the top of the page the quantity of people who liked this playlist:

    After playlist being added to bookmarks, you can easily get to the needed playlist from your profile.

  9. 9. How to create or edit playlist?

    To create a new playlist all you need is just to click on the plus button () near the song that you want to add to the new playlist.

    Further put in the name for the new playlist and click on the button "Create & Add".

    You can easily change the name of the playlist, its icon, appearance in the edit playlist menu.

  10. 10. How to edit or delete a song from a playlist?

    Find your favorite song, which you want to add and click on the "Plus" button ():

    Then chose a playlist to which you want to add this song.

    The other way of adding a song into a playlist: open a playlist where you want to add a song and click on "add song" button.

    In the appeared window insert the name of the track/artist then click on “Search”. When you find the song which you wanted to add, just click on to add.

    To delete the song from the playlist click on button.

  11. 11. How can I recommend a good song to my friends?

    Just find a good song which you would like to recommend and click on "share song" () near it.

    If your friends are registered at our website and are in your friends list, you can choose them from the list. In other case you need to indicate their mail address or recommend through other services.

  12. 12. How mirror ratings work?

    You can rate mirrors at track page and in the bottom of each page while listening to song. Detailed description about this feature you can read here

    Rating mirrors works in next way:


    1. Any user of ListenMusic can rate mirrors.

    2. Mirror can be rated as good mirror, not really good mirror (bad mirror) and as broken (or incorrect).

    3. When user rate mirror as good mirror its quality is increased by 1 and when he rate it as bad mirror it is decreased by 1.

    4. When somebody mark mirror as broken it is checked by our crawlers within 15 min. If it is really broken it is deleted. In other case its quality is decreased by 2.

    5. Track mirror is deleted when it gets -8 quality rating.


    Happy rating!

  13. 13. Listenmusicfm.net features

    Collect your favorite music in your music profile. Use icon to add a song to your favorite tracks list or to add a song to a playlist.

    Try to visit a "playlists" page to select a collection of songs(playlist) according to your current mood or activity.

    Search your favorite artists and listen to his top tracks and albums. Click on Listen this artist radio button to listen to this & similar artist tracks radio.

    Listen this artist radio

    Explore similar artists to find new trendy music.

    You can explore new music by visiting "Discover music" page.

    Get the embed code to insert song or playlist to your blog, site or favorite social network. Use this button on artist or track page: Embed this Song

    Find new friends in our social network and explore music they are listening right now.

    Talk with your friends on the wall, in chatbox or via private messages.

  14. 14. I can't play any song on this site

    If you can't play any song on ListenMusic please allow your browser to use flash plugin. See your browser setting for more details.

For advanced users

  1. 1. How to add an artist or album to Listenmusicfm.net?

    We use open-edit database of artists albums the support and development of which is maintained by MusicBrainz.org. We regularly synchronize our database with the MusicBrainz.org database. If you want to add an artist, remove or edit album/artist you should register at MusicBrainz.org, after that use "search an artist/album" for editing and removing purposes or use a form "create an artist" to enter info of a new artist. Applied changes will appear on Listenmusicfm.net in a short period of time.

  2. 2. How to embed playlist or track to my site/blog?

    Open a page of a playlist or a song and click on "Embed on your website or blog",

    Choose needed settings and click on “Update” button. After that copy the code from the "Embed code" field and paste it into your site or post in the blog.

  3. 3. I am Last.fm user and would like to see my favorite artists and songs on this website. How can I do it?

    Go to the settings page and scroll it down till "Import top artists and loved songs from last.fm" section, enter your login and press "Import from Last.fm"

User Account Management

  1. 1. How can I limit the access to my profile?

    That can be done on the settings page, the link of which you can find in the right corner above.

  2. 2. How to add or remove users from the friends list?

    To add or remove users from your friends list you should go to user’s profile page and click on the button or accordingly.

Support, ads and jobs

  1. 1. We would like to give our ads on your website, where should we apply?

    We have several ads options.

    1. If your are an artist or you represent him/her or simply want your favorite artist appear on your homepage in the block "Featured artists", go to the link "Contact form". In the text body please insert "featured artist" and indicate the link to the artist you would like to see on your homepage. We then will consider your request within 24 hours. For now it is absolutely free of charge.

    2. For ads please see the block on its right as it’s shown in the image.

    You can contact us through "Contact form" and we will send you information regarding payment and website attendance.

  2. 2. We are SEO team from India and would like to help you to promote your site only for…… $ per month.

    No thanks, we are not interested.

  3. 3. I saw a mistake or misprint on your site, what shall I do?

    Please inform us about it through "Contact form" and we will fix it as soon as possible.

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