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George Harrison - Beware of Darkness (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Some of the guys who played on this were members of Delaney And Bonnie's band. Whitlock explains how it came together:"George went out for a couple of dates with us when we were on tour with Eric (Clapton). George, Paul and them had broken up. I was friends with George when all this was happening. He was playing me the songs he wanted to do on his record. I spent a lot of time out there at Friar Park. George plays me all this stuff. He wanted to do his first record after The Beatles - he never got to do his own stuff, just one song on each album. He wanted to know what Eric and I thought about putting a band together for his album. Eric and I were already talking about it, and we had already talked about having Jim Keltner come over and be in our band. Keltner was the original drummer, and Carl Radle. They were out on tour, they were still doing Mad Dogs (Joe Cocker's album). It turns out Jim Gordon and Carl come storming in from the Mad Dogs And Englishmen thing. We started right in on the session. I made a call, I called Carl Radle and Jim Keltner. Keltner was on the road with Gabor Szabo, and Carl Radle was on the road with Leon (Russell) and them. I talked to Keltner, and Keltner was going to come over when he got finished, but Jim Gordon got finished with that Mad Dogs thing and he stormed right on over and was in on it right away. The availability was there for a drummer, and Jim Gordon seized the moment. Keltner said Jim Gordon's been taking some pretty important gigs from him in Derek and the Dominos and All Things Must Pass. He was there and the need was immediate, so he filled the slot. The Dominos were formed during the recording of All Things Must Pass. Carl and Jim wound up coming out to Eric's at Heartwood Edge and we stayed out there and rehearsed. That got to be too much, so we got the Domino flat in town on 33 Turlough Street. We got out of Eric's place and the 3 of us were in downtown London raising all manner of hell and unrest." (For more on the All Things Must Pass and the story of Derek and the Dominos, check out our Bobby Whitlock interview.)
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Beware of Darkness lyrics:

Watch out now,
take care beware of falling swingers
Dropping all around you
The pain that often mingles in your fingertips,
beware of darkness

Watch out now,
take care beware of thoughts that linger
Winding up inside your head
The hopelessness around you in the dead of night,
beware of sadness


It can hit you,
it can hurt you
Make you sore and what is more,
that is not what you are here for

Watch out now,
take care beware of soft shoe shufflers
Dancing down the sidewalks
As each unconscious sufferer wanders aimlessly,
beware of maya

Watch out now,
take care beware of greedy leaders
They'll take you where you should not go
While weeping atlas cedars,
they just want to grow, grow and grow

Beware of darkness (beware of darkness)

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Most listeners came from France. This song's text is extremely short, shorter than the most texts on the website. It's interesting that the artist performing this track has many albums. This track has just 3 mirrors; you can help the project indicating mirrors on YouTube. This song is longer than the most songs. This song is included into 1 albums, namely: All Things Must Pass (disc 2). These albums didn’t manage to become outstanding thought they were released over 48 years ago. Song mirrors tip: You can easily change low-quality mirror by means of the button at the bottom of the page or to reduce its rating on the track page.

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