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New Riders of the Purple Sage - Big Ed (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Big Ed lyrics:

Heading down south towards greener lands
We'll make it to the caves as quick as we can
Picking up coffee and friendly smiles
We found some [thaws?], had to walk a few miles

Going through the mountains, sloshing in the streams
Think I'll make it on back next spring
Talking to the [hatfields] back-row store
Listen to the birds sing, makes you want more
I said it makes you want more
Lawdy, Mama, it makes you want more

[Springman's stone] was sure mighty fine
Talking to the boys and drinking cheap wine
Oh we'll take Ed the bear just to have him some fun
He ate a little [kick] but did he have to run
Did he have to run


[Smoked a little nature] and looking at the walls
Find a lot of faces that no one else saw
Eeten-dee eeten-deedle eeten-deedle-eeten-dee
Eet-eet-en-deedle-eeten deedle-eedle-ee

Lawdy Mama it makes you want more

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