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Connie Kaldor - Bigger Than Anywhere Else (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Bigger Than Anywhere Else lyrics:

Bigger than Anywhere Else
Connie Kaldor © SOCAN

There’s a green field beneath a blue sky
There are blue flowers in between reaching up high
And your father bends down, as he explains
The flax is so good on account of the rains

And it’s years of knowing
And its years of growing
It is caught in the photo I hold in my hand
It takes me back to the field where he stands

Where the skies are bigger than anywhere else
And there is room enough for me
Where the skies are bigger than anywhere else
As far as the eye can see

It’s crowded out here, there are no empty spaces
There are too many buildings and too many faces
Too many things that are set in their ways
Too many things that fill up my days

And it’s years of choices,
And it’s years of voices
That have taken me here to where things never change
Not like the clouds that roll in on a range


The cold of the winter, the dry of the fall
The first wind of spring, I miss them all
But what I miss, when I feel alone
Is the one thing that makes me feel like I’ve come home


Where the skies are bigger than anywhere else
As far as the eye can see.

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