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Solar Dawn - Broken-winged (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Broken-winged lyrics:

Torn apart
No longer one with the sense
Inside frustration takes control
Standing alone under a silverstenched moon
An endless strife without any goal

I'm just one of those, carrying lifetime chains!

Becoming one with my burdens, my prayers
Trapped in a grip of shame
Facing dreams without a glance at mistakes
Beyond the shadows sleeps the truth

I close my eyes
Going into trance
Then something dies
In the rainstorm the angels dance

On the hill where the sparrows cry
I once and for all fulfill my dreams
Becoming one with the anguish, the fears
Concluding my latest wish

[Repeat Chorus]

Satisfied I drink the wine from the holy grail
Surrounded by the ones I knew
I proudly cheers!


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