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Insane Clown Posse - Cotton Candy (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Cotton Candy lyrics:

One pussy licking coming up

What's your name, handsome? Well, Claude, Miss Virginia. A pleasure to see. Oh my, you're all naked, too. Like Miss Marge. Are you going to suck the poison out too? Do you know what's under my dress? Well, no, ma'am, I ain't never looked. Well, a cock like I got I guess. No, Claude, it's a nice big cunt.

(Shaggy 2 Dope)
My name is Shaggy, but some call me Shaggy Balls
Cause you can my ballsack hanging out my drawers
I wear short shorts, bitches stop and stare
Later on you see me parting through the cotton hair
I meet a bitch, I always gotta check and ask
How many corn dogs been to the cotton patch
And when I fuck bitches ass what I'm trying to do
My nuts is people, so I'm trying to stuff 'em in there, too
Cotton Candy, it wasn't made for the mouth
You don't believe me, then take a look an inch south
Rotten candy, is what you'll find without a doubt
I stick my wang in the cotton hole and then I'm out
Jumpsteady, Rude Boy, and Nate the Mack
They huntin cotton and Shaggy Shagg know where it's at
So don't be stingy, there's more than one wicked clown
And, bitch, you got enough cotton here to go around
Now some bitches wanna go and shave the cotton off
Straight to the candy, I'm with it, I won't get lost
That's why I bring the clippers with me,
they coming in handy
When you fuck around with the cotton candy

(Chorus 2x)
Cotton Candy, yeah, hey hey
Cotton Candy don't get wet until it's in your mouth,
She told me

(Violent J)
My name is J, the kiddies call me genie pants
Cause I can play the flute and make my dick start to dance
Like a snake, I make it shake, rattle and roll
And this year, my ball's made it to the Cotton Bowl
Unlike Shaggy, he's scared of the cotton pie
I ate so much cotton candy I got pink eye
I can remember the first time I had a taste
She pulled her panties down
and stuffed her cotton in my face
I said, "your daddy's home",
She said "so fucking what?"
I tried to take my dingaling and stick it in her butt
I tried to push it in, I couldn't turn it out
She said
"Cotton Candy don't get wet until it's in your mouth"
Oh shit, so what was I to do
Run like a bitch, or have the cotton stew
I thought for a second, then I said what the fuck
I ate so much cotton that my tongue came out her butt
Eewwww, bitch, I'll have another bowl
My boys had to come and get me cuz I lost control
On the way home, I had a new attitude
I'm like "hey, let's go eat some more pussy, dude"

(Chorus 2x)
Cotton Candy, yeah, hey hey
Cotton Candy don't get wet until it's in your mouth,
She told me

Marge, you know where the money is. You get it and hold it for Miss Vicki while I kiss her pussy. Sure, Claude, honey.
Okay Claude, now before you kiss my pussy. Lick the insides of my thighs. Here and here. Yes, it helps get pussy warm.
Yes, ma'am. That's it, Claude, nice and slow. Oh, that's nice, Claude baby.

(Chorus repeat until end)
Cotton Candy, yeah, hey hey
Cotton Candy don't get wet until it's in your mouth,
She told me

(I'm a pick those fools up and take them downtown
We'll see what they say when I slap them around)

(uh..Pick them up? Take them down town what are you crazy?
You can't touch these guys, we don't even have them on anything
You gotta get them on something real)

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