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Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman (lyrics, video, listen online)

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During the instrumental break in the song, when the synthesizer plays, right before the chorus starts up the 2nd time, if you play it backwards, you can actually hear the Synthesizer sound that plays in another song by the Electric Light Orchestra: "Nightrider." (thanks, Logan - Troy, MT)
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Evil Woman lyrics:

You made a fool of me
But them broken dreams have got to end.

Hey woman, you got the blues
Cause you ain't got no one else to use
There's an open road that leads nowhere
So just make some miles between here and there
There's a hole in my head where the rain comes in
You took my body and played to win
Ha Ha woman it's a crying shame
But you ain't got nobody else to blame.

Evil woman
Evil woman
Evil woman
Evil woman

Rolled in from another town
Hit some gold too hot to settle down
But a fool and his money soon go separate ways
And you found a fool lyin' in a daze
Ha Ha woman what you gonna do?
You destroyed all the virtues that the Lord gave you
It's so good that you're feeling pain
But you better get your face on board the very next train.

(Chorus X2)

Evil woman how you done me wrong
But now you're tryin' to wail a different song
Ha Ha funny how you broke me up
You made the wine now you drink the cup
I came runnin' every time you cried
Thought I saw love smilin' in your eyes
Ha Ha very nice to know
That you ain't got no place left to go.

(Chorus til fade)

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