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Jill Scott - My Love (lyrics, video, listen online)

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My Love lyrics:

Yo,I'm tripping right,
I heard you got married.
You got married?
No I mean,make any
It don't really make any sense
I mean,It's not like I,I didn't think you were
seeing other people or whatever,Imean
I was seeing other people but
You know what this is,
You know what it was,you tsch
I can't say I really understand though
You chose her cause she's sweet as pie
Take what you give,even your life
But baby,are happy without me?
She scrubs your back,washes your clothes
Gives you everything that ask for
But don't you ever want more?
Cause my love


My love is deeper
Didn't you know this,
Or didn't you notice?
(My love,my love)
My love is deeper
Didn't you know this,
Or didn't you notice?

Mmmm,what we had don't need no words
Deeper than anything you ever heard
I ain't reaching baby,
I know I should be your lady
You say you're happy
You say you're great
But you know and I know you really ain't
You need to come be with me
That's the way it's supposed to be


Cause ohh,
All I ever do is think about you baby
I hold you in my arms inside my dreams
And I know what I know and what I know is
That no matter where you go
You will always think of me


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Most listeners came from United Kingdom. This song's text is medium. It's interesting that the singer singing this song has not so many albums. This track has just 2 mirrors; you can help the project indicating mirrors on YouTube. This song is longer than the most songs. This song is included into 1 albums, namely: The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Volume 3. These albums failed to become outstanding thought they were released over 11 years ago. Song mirrors tip: You can simply change poor mirror by means of the button at the bottom of the page or to reduce its rating on the track page.

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