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Frank Sinatra - Night and Day (lyrics, video, listen online)

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This song also featured in the 1934 film version, The Gay Divorcee (The Hays Office, Hollywood's self-censorship body, determined that the original title was too controversial). The film starred Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in their first leading roles together. This song was the only Cole Porter musical number used from the Broadway production. Another song from the film, "The Continental," by Conrad and Magidson, won the Academy Award for Best Song that year.
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Night and Day lyrics:

Night and day, you are the one
Only you beneath the moon or under the sun
Whether near to me, or far
Its no matter darling where you are
I think of you

Day and night, night and day, why is it so
That this longing for you follows wherever I go
In the roaring traffics boom
In the silence of my lonely room
I think of you

Day and night, night and day
Under the hide of me
There's an oh such a hungry yearning burning inside of me
And this torment wont be through
Until you let me spend my life making love to you

Day and night, night and day

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Most listeners are originally from Italy. This song's text is very short, shorter than the most texts on the website. It's interesting that the singer performing this song has many albums. This song has just 2 mirrors; you can help the project indicating mirrors on YouTube. This song is very short; 98% songs are longer than this one. This track is included into 4 albums, namely: Night & Day (Great Nostalgia). These albums are the most popular albums of the artist. Song mirrors tip: You can easily change poor mirror by means of the button at the bottom of the page or to reduce its rating on the track page.

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