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Marvin Sapp - Perfect Peace (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Perfect Peace lyrics:

I will keep you in
(Perfect Peace)

Perfect Peace
All who's mind
(Stayed on me)

Stayed on me
I will keep you in
(Perfect Peace)

Perfect Peace
All who's mind
(Stayed on me)

Stayed on me
Remember the earth is the Lords
And the fullness thereof
The whole world and thing that dwell therein

(All belongs to him who has made)
All belongs to him who has made
Made us
He watches me

So why should I
(So why should I be bound)
When God has set me free
(When God has set me free)
Can you tell me
Tell me why, tell me why

(So why should I be bound when)
When Jesus, when Jesus
(Jesus died for you and me)

This is what he's done,
He has lifted
He's lifted
(All of my burdens)

All of my burdens
He's lifted all of my burdens
(All away) All away

Said he is
(He is the keeper of my soul)
The keeper, He is the keeper
of my soul
(My soul)
My soul

Don't you know that
(God will)
God will
(Make a way out of no way)
out of no way

Oh yes!

Said so glad
So glad
(So glad that He's my savior)
That He's my savior
Yes He is, Yes He is
(He watches me) He watches me

Said He is
He is a keeper
(He is a ...)
Jesus is a keeper
(..keeper of)
He is a keeper of
(My soul)
My soul
He holds me, He cradles me
He takes care of me
Yes! Yes!

Let him be the keeper (He is..)
Let him be the keeper (...the keeper)
He is the keeper (...my soul)
Let Him be the keeper of your soul
(My soul)

I stopped right here to tell you
He'll make a way for you

He'll open doors no man can shut
He'll be with you through the thick and thin
Yes he will
Yes He will

He is the keeper
(He is the keeper of my soul)

My soul
(My soul)
My soul

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