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Dragon Ash - Rock the beat (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Rock the beat lyrics:

Rock the beat

唄 Dragon Ash
作詞 降谷建志
作曲 降谷建志

This is from the old school the new scool music culture
Well you gotta put your hands in air bastard
Can you catch up? Quicker pick it up
Human' fuckin' being I show you Rock the beat
Come to the point In your head mind
I explain my plan Point by point
So insert the coin Take it easy I'm kind
Dragon Ash Break your brain
Come and rock the sure shot Yes, yes, sure
Don't miss it What a great D.A. show
Kick your ass Bass drum Put a gun down
My microphone come and rock the slum dunk
Fuckin' standin' here now We got real bout
All night long We gotta scream like mad
Have a face to face You should fight at your own pace
Don't turn your eyes away Break downh like this

かきならすDistortion scratch ガンガンVolume上げるぜ まるで弾丸
俺達なりの Hip Hop sound 開眼 Rhythm打つBreak beats すでに快感
登りつめるぜ最上階 見渡す景色はかなり爽快
さあ見えるかい生い茂った樹海 切り裂き始まる俺達の時代
Checkしな のみこまれていきそうな Scene に牙ギラッと剥き出すような
叫び 切り拓くぜ続いた暗闇 これが存在意識
新しい風が背負う宿命 壁にぶち当たるそれが運命
選ばれし者は時に共鳴 だからこそ起こり得る不意の革命

Comin' from the Tokyo Escape from the studio
Show off the new rock order Pay attention people
Brand new music culture Respect for the ZEEBRA
Use my head We're real music fighter
Check the beat The name is Rock the beat
You check the shit out real funky beat
Stand up yellow Feel fuckin' my flow
Don't be show It's the big time show

それぞれの場所でそれぞれの奇跡 起こしうる力極めた宝石
輝きだしたら耳をかすべき 時代の波呼び起こす電撃
現した頭角 すでにTop rank 見せつけるぜ新たなる改革
腕に刻んだ百合の資格 持つ俺が次の扉を開く

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