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The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (lyrics, video, listen online)

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The riff was composed at a sound check before a show at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. Jack White recalled to Rolling Stone: "There's an employee here at Third Man named Ben Swank, and he was with us on tour in Australia when I wrote that song at soundcheck. I was playing it for Meg and he was walking by and I said, 'Swank, check this riff out.' And he said, 'It's OK.' [Laughs] He added: "I didn't have lyrics for it until later on and I was just calling it 'Seven Nation Army' — that's what I called the Salvation Army when I was a kid. So that was just a way for me to remember which one I was talking about, but it took on a new meaning with the lyrics."
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Seven Nation Army lyrics:

I'm Going To Fight 'Em Off
A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back
They're Gonna Rip It Off
Taking Their Time Right Behind My Back

And I'm Talking To Myself At Night
Because I Can't Forget
Back And Forth Through My Mind
Behind A Cigarette

And The Message Coming From My Eyes
Says Leave It Alone

Don't Want To Hear About It
Every Single One's Got A Story To Tell
Everyone Knows About It
From The Queen Of England
To The Hounds Of Hell

And If I Catch It Coming Back My Way
I'm Gonna Serve It To You
And That Ain't What You Want To Hear
But That's What I'll Do

And The Feeling Coming From My Bones
Says Find A Home


I'm Going To Wichita
Far From This Opera For Evermore
I'm Gonna Work The Straw
Make The Sweat Drip Out Of Every Pore
And I'm Bleeding
And I'm Bleeding
And I'm Bleeding
Right Before The Lord
All The Words Are Gonna Bleed From Me
And I Will Think No More

And The Stains Coming From My Blood
Tell Me Go Back Home

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