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Bay City Rollers - Strangers in the Wind (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Strangers in the Wind lyrics:

Headin' out of the city life,
Suitcase full of dreams
Trying to find some kind of memories
That didn't hold a distant scheme
Something she said I can't remember
But I answered her in turn all the same
And what I saw in her style
Well I've seen it before
But somehow it looked quite different this time

Goodbye to all the friends I never had
Do you still remember me
Takin' care of all your business
You give it all away

And I wonder with all your broken dreams
and promises
If you ever knew me at all
For we are older now
But somehow you still look the same.

Say a prayer for the one you need
Too many here come back Saturday
Don't be concerned
There's too many words to say
Some things will never change

So many faces seemed to pass me by
I've had my share and it's been used
Money talks, that's what they'd say to me
I only laughed at them confused
What used to be an old apartment
They've built a multi-colored jig-saw in the sky
And where the children would play
Well, they're not there anymore
But the rooms are nice with numbers on the door

But in her eyes there's a place for me
An open heart where I can hide away
Forget the changes
As life rearranges to something new

And will she wait for me
When all is said and done will she still be free
or will the chance be lost
For love is so hard to take
When dreams in the nights are blowing away

In her hand lies an opened book
She gives a sign then she turns the page
And in her smile she knows how it all will end
But in my eyes she sees
We're strangers in the wind

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Most listeners are originally from United States. This song's text is very long over 306 words. It's interesting that the artist singing this song has not so many albums. This song has just 2 mirrors; you can assist the project indicating mirrors on YouTube. This song is longer than the most songs. This track is included into 2 albums, namely: Strangers in the Wind. These albums failed to become popular thought they were released over 40 years ago. Song mirrors tip: You can simply change low-quality mirror by means of the button at the bottom of the page or to decrease its rating on the song page.

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