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Shook Ones - The Drop (lyrics, video, listen online)

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The Drop lyrics:

Chalk one up for the naive in me.
I missed the warning signs
And what I didn’t want, i somehow got.
Dictated delivery
Patently osmosis wins again!
Have I lost or am i just losing?
(Would you tell me?)
Cause I just never thought I’d have this war.. No
Have I really become that bad?
Tell me, do I at least listen to you?
Or are you as frustrated with me as I’m with him?
I need to know how long has gone on...I took..
I took for granted my frustration
With this failure to hear and now its crept up on me
With age all that i really understand is flaws.
Oh, they're so comfortable.
I'll shut my mouth
I'll take it off. Right now
I only want to hear you say
That I am just losing, (please lie to me)
And I will say no more.
I want for you to hold me to this (cant stand my voice)
Cause i cant stand the sound
I hope that I am just losing
Cause I cant stand the sound

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