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Pink Floyd - The Final Cut (lyrics, video, listen online)

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Random fact about song
Many believe this album to be the sequel to The Wall album, but it is mainly songs that were written from a narrative point of view for the movie. (thanks, Kieran - Glasgow, Scotland, for above 2)
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The Final Cut lyrics:


Through the fish-eyed lens of tear stained eyes
I can barely define the shape of this moment in time
And far from flying high in clear blue skies
I'm spiraling down to the hole in the ground where I hide.

If you negotiate the minefield in the drive
And beat the dogs and cheat the cold electronic eyes
And if you make it past the shotguns in the hall,
Dial the combination, open the priesthole
And if I'm in I'll tell you what's behind the wall.

There's a kid who had a big hallucination
Making love to girls in magazines.
He wonders if you're sleeping with your new found faith.
Could anybody love you
Or is it just a crazy dream?

And if I show you my dark side
Will you still hold me tonight?
And if I open my heart to you
And show you my weak side
What would you do?

Would you sell your story to Rolling Stone?
Would you take the children away
And leave me alone?
And smile in reassurance
As you whisper down the phone?

Would you send me packing?
Or would you take me home?

Thought I oughta bare my naked feelings,
Thought I oughta tear the curtain down.
I held the blade in trembling hands
Prepared to make it but just then the phone rang
I never had the nerve to make the final cut.

A travez de los lentes frios de unos ojos bañados en llanto
A penas puedo definir la naturaleza de este momento en el tiempo
Y lejos de volar alto en claros cielos azules
Estoy cayendo en espiral a hueco en el suelo donde me escondo
Si tu negocias las minas que tengo sembradas
Golpeas a los perros y engañas al frio ojo electronico
Y sales ileso de la escopeta que te espera en el salon
Marcas la contraseña
Abres la camara secreta
Y si estoy adentro te dire, ...
Habia un niño que tenia una gran alicinacion
Haciendo el amor con la chicas de las revistas
Se pregunta: Ahora deuermes con tu recien allada fe?
¿Podria alguien amarlo?
O es solo in loco sueño.
Y si yo .. te muestro mi lado oscuro
¿aun me abrasarias .. esta noche?
Y si yo .. te abro mi corazon a ti
y te muestro mi lado debil
¿Que vas a hacer?
¿Venderias tu historia a la Rolling Stones?!!
¿Te llevarias a los niños lejos...
.. y me darias solo?!!
¿Sonreirias de la misma forma que
.o haces al telefono?
*¿Me mandarias a empacar?
¿O me llevarias al hogar?!
Pense que debia mostrar mis sentimientos desnudos
Pense que debia poner las cortinas abajo
Tenia el cuchillo en mis manos temblorosas
Dispuesto a hacerlo pero...
... sono el telefono
Nunca tuve el nervio suficiente para hacer el corte final.

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Most listeners are originally from United States. This song's text is extremely long over 470 words. It's interesting that the artist performing this song has many albums. There are still no mirrors indicated for this track; you can help the project mirrors on YouTube. This song is one of the longest sings on the website. This track is included into 2 albums, namely: Oh by the Way (disc 14: The Final Cut). These albums failed to become outstanding thought they were released over 11 years ago. Song mirrors tip: You can easily change poor mirror by means of the button at the bottom of the page or to reduce its rating on the song page.

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