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SWV - When U Cry (lyrics, video, listen online)

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When U Cry lyrics:

(When you cry) When you cry
(Boy I'll cry) Boy I'll cry
(Don't let go) Don't let go
(Or I'll die) Ooh

When you cry, when you cry
Baby I cry
And if you take your love away
I'll just die
If you love me once
I'll love you twice
So promise me you'll love me for the rest of my life

There's no better place, I'd rather be than in your arms
Holding you close to me
Looking in your eyes, let's me know
That you'll always be here
And your love aint going nowhere, no


It would break my heart
If you went away
And I don't think that I
Could make it through the day, and I...
Feel the way you do
And when you cry, baby I'm cryin' to, OooooooOh


When I see tears fall from your face
(From your face)
Baby I know no one can take my pain
(Take my pain)
(And when I look in your eyes and see you cry)
Oh baby, baby, baby, baby, I'll just die


When you cry, (when you cry)
Baby I'll cry, (boy I'll cry) oh yeah
(Don't let go, or I'll die)
If you love me once, (if you love m once)
I'll love twice, (I'll love you twice) yeah, oh oh

Repeat Chorus Until Fade...

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Most listeners came from United States. This song's text is medium. It's interesting that the singer singing this song has not so many albums. This song has just 1 mirrors; you can help the project indicating mirrors on YouTube. This song is one of the longest sings on the website. This track is included into 1 albums, namely: Release Some Tension. These albums failed to become famous thought they were released over 21 years ago. Song mirrors tip: You can simply change low-quality mirror by means of the button at the bottom of the page or to reduce its rating on the track page.

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