Top Reasons to Get LASIK – From the Patient’s Mouth

You’ve probably contemplated getting LASIK for some time now. And you’ve probably come up with a million excuses why not to, such as cost and fear, but what you need to focus on is the reasons why you should. We came up with a list from what most of the patients have mentioned over the years.

Note to reader: What stands out most, and is pretty much a logical “no-brainer” is the joy in losing your reliance on contact lenses and glasses.

Patient’s most talked about reasons for having LASIK:

Living an athletic lifestyle

You’ll never have to worry about the weather play a factor on your corrective lenses. Windy day playing a game of volleyball can result with sand behind the contact. There’s not much worse. Water sports aren’t fun with glasses or contacts. Not being able to see on the water or underwater without the huge investment of prescription goggles.


Depending on the heat, leaving cold ac and stepping out on a humid day? You’re eyes won’t fog up, but they might well up with tears of happiness because you can see with perfect vision. Cold weather can be worse. A cold day with dry eyes and contacts is like no being able to blink while staring at a leaf blower.

Bedtime Stories

There’s nothing sexier than having to prep your contacts for the next day. Talk about a mood killer. And, if you’ve ever fallen asleep and rolled over on a pair of glasses, one of two results occur; you either wake up with something sharp in your face, or you angry the next morning as you schedule to replace your broken glasses.

If You Build it, They Will Come

You’re told you look better without your glasses, and you know you do. Not having …