June 10, 2023

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Health Department Suspends Health Now Medical From Vaccination Program


LITTLETON, CO — The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment suspended Health Now Family Practice from participating in the state’s vaccine program after a site visit on Friday determined that the practice was not operating within the necessary guidelines for safe vaccine administration.

The practice, located in Centennial, Colorado, was found to be improperly storing and handling the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a news release from the health department. The health department also found the practice to have discrepancies with their inventory, incomplete documentation of vaccine administration and missing temperature documentation.

The practice was in violation of federal billing requirements and had administered the vaccine to people outside of manufacturer recommendations, according to the news release.

Due to storage and handling issues, the health department has found that as many as 68 Pfizer vaccine doses that were administered at this site are now invalid, according to the news release. Those patients will need to get revaccinated.

Health Now Family Practice will reach out to affected patients once the health department and the CDC finalize revaccination guidelines, the news release said.

This article originally appeared on the Littleton Patch


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