May 29, 2023

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Tips for pregnant women to avoid coronavirus.

Ranging from morning sickness to mood swings, pregnant women face a lot of issues and challenges. They deserve the very best care they can get throughout the nine months of pregnancy from their significant orders and loved ones especially. Taking care of them goes beyond buying fancy electronics, food, and beverages from LollicupStore  or ordering delicious food recipes from Piquant Post . Serious care must be taken to ensure that they eat healthy meals, exercise mildly, and have access to medicals, especially in this COVID19 pandemic time.

Apart from the fear of contracting the virus, the outbreak of the flu-like disease is stressing out hospitals and medical centers. Eradicating the disease seems to be a major health concern throughout the world. As an expectant mother, how do you navigate these trying times? What are the tips to follow to ensure the safe delivery of a sound and healthy baby?

1.    Eat a balanced diet.

 A balanced diet is one that * fulfills all of a person’s nutritional needs. Due to the government policies restricting social interaction and encouraging isolation, pregnant women may find it difficult going out to restaurants selling a balanced diet and thus depriving them and the unborn babies of the essential nutrients. One effective way pregnant women can get access to a balanced diet in these trying times is to order online or rely on fruit and vegetables.  

Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that will guarantee the delivery of a healthy child. Oranges, apricots, pears, mangoes, pomegranates, and avocados are some of the best fruits to try out in pregnancy.

2.    Take precautionary steps against contacting the coronavirus.

Although there is no evidence to suggest that coronavirus causes miscarriage  or affects how the baby develops in pregnancy, it is important to note that contacting coronavirus as a pregnant woman can expose you to headaches, fatigue, and fever. In rare cases, the virus has been known to pass from mothers to babies, although babies have a high recovery rate. Precautionary steps to take against contracting the virus as an expectant mother is to maintain social distancing, use face masks, improve on personal hygiene, etc.,

3.    Do not stop Antenatal care.

Antenatal care is extremely important for pregnant women, it checks complications like pregnancy diabetes and hypertension. As a pregnant woman, it will be disastrous to stop going for antenatal care because of the fear of contracting the dreaded coronavirus. You may discuss with your obstetrician to try and limit antenatal visits to the hospital and for other professional advice.

4.    Avoid stress as much as possible.

Stress can increase the chance of giving birth to premature babies. Pregnant women should ensure that they rest and relax well to avoid stress as much as possible. They should surround themselves with loved ones, watch interesting movies, listen to soul-soothing music, and ask for help in performing strenuous tasks and avoid an excessive argument. 

5.    Exercise with caution.

The pregnancy period is not the time to engage in hard exercises. Engaging in mild exercises like low impact aerobics, swimming, walking, and indoor stationary cycling is safe and beneficial in pregnancy. To reduce the chances of contracting the coronavirus, avoid exercising in groups.